From Darkness to Light: Hope and the Power of Healing on Dogs

Kim Lengling on Social Dog Podcast.

In this illuminating episode, Kim Lengling shares her journey of finding hope and healing through her bond with dogs, particularly her faithful companion Dexter. Through anecdotes and heartfelt stories, Kim explores the profound impact that dogs can have on our lives, serving as beacons of light in moments of darkness. Drawing from her experiences living…

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Soulful Connections: Exploring Animal Afterlife

Karen Anderson discusses animal afterlife.

In Episode 190 of our enlightening podcast series, we had the privilege of conversing with Karen Anderson, a renowned author and animal communicator, as we embarked on a soul-stirring exploration of animal afterlife. With over 26 years of experience in the field of animal communication, Karen has touched countless lives through her heartwarming books, including…

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Harmonizing Voices: Exploring Animal Communication

A woman sits on the floor with a dog.

In Episode 188 of our podcast series, we delved into the fascinating realm of animal communication with renowned professional communicator Christine Noble Seller. Based in Canada, Christine is dedicated to fostering understanding and appreciation of intuitive interspecies communication, advocating for the voices of all beings in the natural world. Through her activism and advocacy, she…

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Clive Wynne and his dog discuss the book "Dog is Love."

In Episode 176 of our podcast series, we had the honor of hosting Dr. Clive D.L. Wynne, the esteemed author of “Dog is Love: Why and How Your Dog Loves You.” With a distinguished background as the founding director of the Canine Science Collaboratory at Arizona State University and the Canine Cognition and Behavior Laboratory…

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