EPISODE 166: Pawsitive Warriors: Unleashing Hope with Carl Cricco K9 for Warriors

Did you know that this man pulls all of his dog from a San Antonio High Kill Shelter. Half of these Dogs become amazing service Dogs for these Veterans for the rest of their lives, the other half are returned to the shelter. In a world of obesity, diabetes, epilepsy, and cancer, and yet these organization are begging for service Dogs. But our municpality continue to euthanized Dogs in shelters before testing to see if they could possibly be a service Dog to our community.

In a world where around 20 veterans tragically die by suicide each day, organizations like K9s For Warriors are stepping up to make a significant difference. Episode 166 of our podcast series sheds light on the incredible work being done to prevent veteran suicides by pairing them with highly-trained service dogs. At the helm of this mission is Carl Cricco, CEO of K9s For Warriors, whose dedication and passion have created a haven for veterans in need.

Before taking on the role of CEO at K9s For Warriors, Carl Cricco played a crucial role in ensuring the stories of 9/11 were never forgotten. Born and raised in Hoboken, NJ, Carl’s commitment to preserving the memory of that fateful day has now extended to supporting those who fought in its aftermath. His impressive career in executive leadership and marketing, featured by notable publications like the Wall Street Journal, has brought a new level of awareness to the K9s For Warriors mission.

K9s For Warriors is on a mission to end veteran suicide by providing highly-trained service dogs to military veterans suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and military sexual trauma. The program also addresses the heartbreaking issue of dog euthanasia by rescuing and training dogs from high-kill shelters, creating a powerful bond between the canine and its warrior.

With over 850 veterans graduating from the program and more than 2,500 dogs rescued since its inception in 2011, K9s For Warriors is making a substantial impact. The relationship between a warrior and their service dog goes beyond companionship – it’s a lifeline. These service dogs are trained to perform specific tasks, from standing between the warrior and approaching individuals to waking up their handler from nightmares.

The 21-day in-house training at K9s For Warriors is a comprehensive program where warriors learn and practice skills that allow them to regain their independence. The organization doesn’t just provide a leash and send the warrior and service dog on their way; they offer resources to veterans before they even walk through the doors, and the relationships formed during their stay continue long after they return home.

This life-changing program comes at no cost to the veterans, but it does come at a significant financial expense of around $25,000 to rescue and train a service dog. The organization relies on passionate individual and corporate donors, sponsors, and supporters contributing in various ways – from dog sponsorships to recurring monthly donations.

As we delve into Episode 166, we uncover the heartwarming journey of warriors and their canine companions at K9s For Warriors. With Carl Cricco leading the charge, the organization’s commitment to preventing veteran suicides and offering hope through the pawsitive power of service dogs is truly inspiring. Join us in unleashing hope and supporting this transformative cause.